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Thank you for your interest in HydroTonics. The HydroTonics sample product is made available to commercial growers under a Confidentiality Agreement. There are valuable trade secrets embodied in the product that must be protected and HydroTonics must be assured that you will not repackage the product for resale. Upon receipt of your properly authorized Confidentiality Agreement, HydroTonics will ship approximately 4 gallons of water (used to treat approximately 8 plants).

Please fill in the form below, and we will email you a link to your Confidentiality Agreement which can be digitally signed, then returned to us. All the fields below are required. We will arrange for your sample shipment following receipt of the properly authorized agreement.

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  • Sample Shipments are available on a first come – first served basis. HydroTonics reserves the right to decline shipment to any party.