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up to 50% to 80% Increased Yield
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The Most Advanced Technology Breakthrough for Growing Cannabis
Maximizes Cannabis Hydration Producing Explosive Yields

HydroTonics Produces Increased:


Root Mass 80% to 200%


Stem Girth 50% to 80%


Net Yield 50% to 80%


The plants shown are clones from the same mother.

Foolproof Simple – Just Add 2oz HydroTonics Per Gallon of Water

Harmless to cannabis if overused, underused, or sporadically used.


All Grow Mediums


All Grow medias


All grow cycles

Making Cannabis Bigger and Healthier Requires More…


In 2016 we set out to better understand photosynthesis and the development of carbohydrates in cannabis.  Light, CO2 and H2O are needed to create the carbs that are the source of plant cells.  New light energy sources and increased CO2 ppm have led to greater carb development, but what about the H2O?  Learning early in our research that cannabis only uses .5% to 3% of the H2O it uptakes for carb development we set our sights on increasing that and rebalancing carb production. 

Our research took us down an amazing and enlightening journey into the most abundant inorganic, transparent, tasteless and odorless substance on earth, a substance that scientists know the least about, H2O.  Discoveries with H2O are being made all the time and many are crazy and reality bending. 

Our work resulted in HydroTonics, a product that mixed with your H2O gives up electrons more freely during photosynthesis.  This plus H2O normally converted during photosynthesis leads to additional carb production and a bigger root mass, increased stem girth and more branches and leaves that provide for compounded growth.  Flowering produces many more bud sites and buds are large and dense.  There’s more of everything including flavor.  

With up to 50% to 80% greater yield, HydroTonics is the best method for increasing financial performance while also improving taste which leads to customer expansion and retention. Growers seeking a competitive advantage from additional yield and a higher quality product now have HydroTonics to achieve that outcome.     

Grow clean and stay green.


Dave Walckner, CEO

Water treated with HydroTonics unleashes
your plant’s maximum potential for cell production


Delivers Huge Competitive Advantage

Increase Yield by 50% to 80% Without Capital Investment

If you grow 100,000 plants annually but want the equivalent yield of 150,000 to 180,000 plants, add HydroTonics!


Increase Yield by 50% to 80% Within Canopy Limitations

Capped by your license to a maximum canopy? Overcome canopy limitations with additional yield from your current plants.


Increase Yield by 50% to 80% With Lower Cost to Produce

You already pay for lighting and other semi-fixed costs. For just a portion of variable costs, harvest more product.


Increase Yield by 50% to 80% But Manage the Pace

You can’t sell 50% to 80% more product? Reduce your plant count and other costs while ramping up yield to match demand.


Product Packaging – Commercial

We offer a variety of sizes for all your commercial needs.

30 Gallon Drum

Treats 1,920 Gallons

55 Gallon Drum

Treats 3,520 Gallons

275 Gallon Tote

Treats 17,600 Gallons