About HydroTonics, Inc.

Astonishing growers with mind blowing results, HydroTonics Inc. is the one and only dynamic natural additive that is used for every growth stage, from seedling to flush, to increase yield by up to 50% to 80% or more.  HydroTonics is the simplest product to use. Just add the same amount of HydroTonics to water all the time.

The HydroTonics product is colorless, odorless and tasteless.  You might just think it’s just water, but once you feel the texture of HydroTonics you’ll realize it’s something quite unique and special. 

HydroTonics treated water maximizes the plant’s ability to increase hydration and photolysis.  It’s used from seedling to flush with significant growth in every stage of the grow. More of the HydroTonics treated water is split into hydrogen and oxygen at the leaf which increases glucose production resulting in massive roots, stem girth, and branch and leaf production that seem too good to be true.  These results create the foundation for an extraordinary flowering cycle producing an unbelievable increase in bud sites, super dense buds and an unimaginable increase to overall yield.

HydroTonics is the Greatest Discovery in Growing Cannabis